What is Google My Business and How to Set Up Google My Business Listing

Google My Business

Google My Business is the listing of your local address on a Google Map that will contain the information of your business i.e. the industry you serve, the services you offer to your client, the products you would like to sell, your date of establishment, your company description, location you are targeting , phone number, website detail and more.

GMB is the part of local SEO Services India and help to generate lots of leads 

How to set up Google My Business Listing

  1. Gmail Account Required – First thing to set up Google my business account one need Gmail account to login on google my business 

GMB login link : https://www.google.com/intl/en_in/business/

Sign in done with your Gmail account 

  1. Business Name Submission – After login you will find below mentioned option where you need to fill your business name 

Once you enter your business name you will get some suggestion if that suggestion doesn’t belong to business than enter your business name and proceed for the next step

  1. Business Category – You need to enter your business category in this section 
  1. Customer can visit your store  – We have to mention yes and no as per our industry 
  1. Mention your company address
  1. Location on Google Map – In this step mark your exact location on Google Map so that any one can reach to you easily 
  1. Do you also serve customers outside this location?

Mention yes or no as per your business 

  1. Contact number & website – In this section one need to mention their contact number and website detail (if website available otherwise get a free website as per the based information’s)
  1. Stay in the know – If you update and recommendations for your business on Google mention yes otherwise no
  1. Choose a way to verify your business – Last step is to verify your Google my business by sending a postcard with a PIN to your company address that you will receive in 12 days. After entering the PIN to you GMB account it gets verified